Amesbury Friends Peace Center

An Outreach Project of Amesbury Friends Meeting


Resource Center

We have pamphlets and materials on topics of current interest as well as booklists and suggested readings. We have a small library for current books of interest, peace paraphernalia and particularly children’s books. We welcome suggestions for additions to our collection. For videos, Point of View on PBS and the American Friends Service Committee have excellent video libraries.


  Global Art Project - Mission is to create a culture of peace through art.     An International Art Exchange for Peace.


   Children's Peace Books - Books for children are a way to broaden minds and influence behavior.

    Peace Games -  Empowers students to create their own safe classrooms and communities.


Immigrant's Rights  

American Friends Service Committee has an excellent list of organizations concerned with immigrant rights.


 Peace and Social Justice

     The Class of Nonviolence - Readings created by the San Antonio Peace Center.

    Fellowship of Reconciliation Various writings on nonviolence are available for download.

   Peace Resources Bibliography - Excellent list done by the Illinois Yearly Meeting of Friends.

San Antonio Peace Center - an excellent selection of currently available books on peace. Can be ordered directly from Amazon.


Personal/Spiritual Peace

    Quaker Song - music for and by Quakers and peace.

[ more coming here shortly]

Truth in Recruitment

   Center on Conscience and War - Pamphlets and other materials for young men and registering.            

   American Friends Service Committee's Youth and Militarism - Much information on the website about recruiting practices, alternatives to military service, conscientious objection

   Iraq Vets Against the War - Truth in Recruiting - Information on war resistance and their "truth in recruiting" campaign.

  Before You Enlist - check out this video on YouTube with straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the military's .


War and Peace

   Peace Magazine - Published by Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS).

   Nobel Peace Laureates - Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Who Am I - test your peace IQ by identifying faces of peacemakers.



    Heroines of Peace - Stories about the nine women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize.


 Peace Materials Sources - click here for materials from various commercial stores such as the Peace Company and others.