Amesbury Friends Peace Center

An Outreach Project of Amesbury Friends Meeting



The Amesbury Friends Meeting has created the Amesbury Peace Center in our historic Meetinghouse to fulfill the Quaker Peace Testimony and longstanding practice of peace education and activism. (See Quakers and Peace) Quakers believe that a peaceful attitude toward the world enables individuals to love and act in harmony with each other and the natural world and to overcome violence and injustice. We hope to bring peace and non-violence into our lives and to practice those skills both locally and globally.

MISSION: The mission of the Amesbury Friends Peace Center is to be a safe, welcoming space for peace-promoting activities that is accessible to all people. It is the hub of a wheel connecting individuals and organizations working for peace, justice and the prevention of violence in all its relationships at all levels. Its efforts are based on a universal culture of peace and the Quaker belief that there is that of God in every person.

We welcome you to our site and hope it inspires you to work for peace.....


                              What Peace Path Are You On?